Guide to Remove Muzik Fury Extension –

Muzik Fury New Tab is a deceptive browser extension that is used by the cyber-crooks to generate illicit money. Developed by APN LLC and distributed by The Whiz Ltd., the nasty Muzik Fury Extension spreads mostly via software bundling & its official download website,

Muzik Fury Image 1

Muzik fury new tab claims to be a helpful add-on for the user’s web-browser. It overview mentioned on its source site states that it provides the users an easy access to trending music playlists in mere one click.

It will help the users to create custom playlist of the music videos from YouTube. Users can explore music by genre & play songs/videos while browsing internet.

Muzik Fury Extension tricks the users into thinking that installing it would improve their web-browsing experience. However, a myriad of users have reported of its malicious behavior.

UI of Muzik Fury

This nasty extension is capable of installing on the systems without requiring any human intervention. Once installed, it changes browser settings such as home-page & search engine without user’s consent. It redirects the searches to third-party & questionable sites.

According to cyber-security analysts, it is also capable of monitoring user’s web-browsing & online activities continuously. Hence, Muzik Fury Extension has been regarded as a (PUP) Potentially Unwanted Program.

Read on to know how to remove muzik fury new tab from your browser & restore the settings changed by it.

Threat Summary of Muzik Fury Extension

Threat Summary
Name Muzik Fury
Type Browser Hijacker
Category Malware
Targeted OS Windows
Symptoms Modified default web-browser settings. Redirects searches to
Damage Monitors user’s online activities & gathers sensitive information such as IP Address, E-mail, browsing history & visited URLs.
Removal Download Removal Tool

Threat Behavior of Muzik Fury Extension

Primarily distributed at, Muzik Fury New Tab is a devious browser extension that can get installed with or without a user’s permission.

Doesn’t it seem suspicious? It is, absolutely!

The nasty Muzik Fury Extension mainly spreads bundled with other free software/applications & via lucrative advertisements.

The source website of Muzik Fury Hijacker declares it as a useful browser add-on that helps users:

  • To explore latest & trending music in one click
  • To access various websites to listen to latest tunes
  • To conveniently surf internet via new extension

Using these claims, the developers of Muzik Fury successfully trick the users into thinking that they are installing something legitimate.

Muzik Fury Website

However, the cyber-security analysts have marked Muzik Fury as a (PUP) Potentially Unwanted Program due to various reasons.

Here is a list of malevolent activities that Muzik Fury Extension is capable of carrying out on the infected system:

  • Changes default settings of web browser such as home-page, search engine & new tab functionality.
  • Default search engine is replaced with
  • Restricts users from restoring old browser settings. It reassigns the settings to the malicious website when the user attempts to change it.
  • Causes unnecessary redirections to & deteriorates web-surfing experience.
  • The search results displayed by Muzik Fury Extension may cause redirections to other untrustworthy/malware-laden sites.

Redirects searches

Muzik Fury Hijacker is not the only toolbar that alters browser settings. Myriad of other browser hijackers such as,,, claim to improve browsing experience of the users. However, stealthily they pose a menace to user’s data privacy & generate illicit revenue through online advertisements & pop-ups.

Data Gathered By Muzik Fury Extension:

Detailed analysis of Muzik Fury Extension behavior reveals that it is capable of monitoring user’s online activities continuously. It can also gather user information from the impacted system.

These Include:

  • IP Addresses
  • Visited Websites/URLs
  • Viewed Pages
  • Search Queries
  • Browsing History
  • Installed Browser & Version
  • System Operating System & Version
  • Geographical Location
  • Computer User Name

Muzik Fury Policies

The amount of data gathered by Muzik Fury Extension clearly denotes that its presence in a system can pose a serious threat to user’s data privacy & digital identity. Thus, it you find Muzik Fury New Tab appended to your Chrome Browser, we advise removing it immediately.

You may refer to muzik fury removal instructions given below to get rid of it.

Distribution Techniques of Muzik Fury Extension –

The cyber-criminals behind Muzik Fury Extension use various strategies for malware distribution which include –

  1. Software Bundling: Software bundling is the process in which a malicious program is distributed with other free software, to get an unnoticed entry into your computer system. When a user installs a free application, the malicious programs gains a front door entry with the free application, the user has downloaded. Thus, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the installation screens while installing these free applications.
  2. Infected Storage Devices: Your system can also get infected by using removable media such as USB hard drives and jump drives without scanning them with an anti-virus.
  3. Spam Emails – Spamming is the most economic and common method used for the distribution of such malware. The targeted users get genuine looking emails which contain .doc, .txt, and other similar attachments. These attachments can be named as anything which can grab the user’s attention and triggers him/her to open the attachment. As soon as the user opens this attachment, the malware infects the user’s computer system.
  4. Malicious Websites or Malevolent Advertisements: The malicious websites are the ones which are created just for promoting the malware infections. Such websites include but are not limited to porn sites, torrent sites and other free downloading platforms. By visiting such websites, the adware infects the user’s computer without permission. Fake advertisements and updates like Flash player and windows updates which ask the user to update to the latest version are a few examples. When the users click on such links, their computer system gets infected. That is why, it is highly recommended to resist clicking on such links. Also avoid clicking on advertisements offering free stuff such as Win an iPhones, cars or free overseas trips etc.

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Muzik Fury Redirect removal instructions-

STEP A: Remove unwanted & suspicious browser extension from Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots (Google chrome menu icon ) i.e.Menu option which are located at the upper right corner of the Chrome Window.
  2. Find and click on More tools from the drop down menu that is displayed & select Extensions or you can open a Chrome window and type “chrome://extensions” in the address bar.Muzik Fury Removal Step 2
  3. Check the developer mode option which is located opposite to extensions heading on the top of the Chrome window. By enabling the developer mode, additional details and option related to all the installed extensions will be displayed. One of the details that will be displayed is the ID. ID is the folder name created by the extension at the location “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions”.
  4. Locate the extension you want to uninstall or delete. Copy and paste the folder name opposite to the ID Tag of that extension into a notepad file. In this case the folder name is “njnmnphjljmejmfacphkagccdnajkghk”.Muzik Fury Removal Step 4
  5. Now, un-check the enabled option next to the extension in question. Make sure you also click on the “Remove” button to delete the extension from the browser. It is important to note that even after uninstalling and deleting the extensions from the browser, the extension might not uninstall properly. Thus, it is a good practice to make sure that we have deleted the folder as mentioned in step 3.Muzik Fury Removal Step 5
  6. Make sure that you have made the hidden files and folders visible.
  7. Open My Computer and go to “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions”. Now, look for folder with the name as specified in Step 4 i.e. “njnmnphjljmejmfacphkagccdnajkghk”. Delete the folder if present.Muzik Fury Removal Step 7
  8. Close and re-open the Chrome browser. It is also advisable to restart your computer once the extension is removed.

Step 2: Restore the settings changed by Browser Hijacker

  1. Open Google chrome and click on the three vertical dots (Chrome menu icon) located on the top right corner of the Chrome Window.Settings-Chrome) located on the top right corner of the Chrome Window.
  2. From the Drop down menu that appears, click on the “Settings”. A new browser tab will open up, displaying all the settings.Settings-Chrome
  3. Now, we will make changes to the appearance section. Under the “Appearances” section, we will enable the “Show Home Button” option. You can select New Tab page or can add Google or any of your preferred browsers under the “Show Home Button” option.Appearance- Chrome
  4. After this, we will go to the “Search Engine “section.
  5. Here, make Google or any of your preferred browsers as your default browser in the drop-down menu under the option “Search engine used in the address bar”.Search Engine- Chrome
  6. After this click on Manage Search Engines. Now you can remove Other Search Engines that were added by the browser hijacker. Simply click the three vertical dots (Chrome menu icon) and select the option “Remove from list”. Other Search Engines-Chrome) and select the option “Remove from list”. 
  7. You can make Google or any other preferred browser as your Default Search Engine by clicking the three vertical dots (Chrome menu icon) and clicking on the “Make default” option.
    Manage Search Engines- Chrome
  8. At the end, we will go to the section “On Startup”. You can select the “Open the New Tab page” or can “Continue where you left off”.  If you want to open a specific page or set of pages, select the option “Open a specific page or set of pages”  and remove any pages added by the browser hijacker by clicking on the three vertical dots (Chrome menu icon ) and selecting “Remove”.On startup-Chrome) and selecting “Remove”.
  9. Then, add Google or any of your desired URL in “Add a new page” option under the “Open a specific page or set of pages”.Add a New Page- Chrome
  10. This is a very important step and we would like you to pay very close attention here. This step has to be repeated with all the shortcuts to the browser that you can locate; like your desktop, start menu and the shortcut pinned to your taskbar. Right click on the shortcut and a context menu will appear. On this menu select the last option that reads Properties.
    Reset Chrome properties
  11. A Google Chrome Properties Dialogue box will appear as below. Replace whatever is there in the text box next to the label Target with the following: Make sure that inverted commas are included.“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”
    Chrome target location
  12. Click OK at the end to save the changes.

How to prevent Muzik Fury Extension from infecting your system-

  1. Keeping the Operating System Updated- In order to remain protected and avoid such infections, it is recommended to keep your Operating System updated by enabling the automatic update on your system. The systems with outdated or older versions of Operating System become an easy target for the attackers.
  2. Resist clicking on spam emails – One of the major techniques used for malware distribution is forwarding spam emails to the user. The system gets infected as soon as the user clicks on the attachment. These mails appear to be genuine, so be aware and resist falling for these tricks.
  3. Keep an eye on third party installations- It is quite important that you take due care while installing any third party applications for they are major source of such infections. Such malware programs come bundled with the free applications thereby requiring the user to remain cautious.
  4. Regular periodical backup- In order to keep your data and files safe, it is recommended to take regular back up of all your data and files either on an external drive or cloud.
  5. Use Anti-Virus Protection- We strongly recommend the use of antivirus protection/internet security in your PC like Vipre and BULL GUARD so that it remains safe.
  6. Enable the Ad Blocker/Popup Blocker in your browser- Enabling the popup blocker/ ad blocker in your chosen browser will help you to stay protected from annoying adware.
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