Agent Smith Virus – A New Android Malware Hit 25 Million Users


Agent Smith Virus – Matrix is back to haunt 25 Million Android users!

The gigantic world of the malware invites new specie in the Clan named as Agent Smith Virus. According to the reports, Agent Smith is an Android Phone Malware that has taken over around 25 million mobile devices around the globe.

Attack of Agent Smith Virus

The reports of devices been targeted by a new advertising malware surfaced last week when Android users mentioned the appearance of unexpected pop-up ads while using apps such as Whatsapp & Flipkart.

This virus of a new kind propagates through third-party app store named, which is owned by China’s Alibaba, the resources said.

Understanding the Attack of Agent Smith

The cyber-security analysts at Check Point, an Israel–based IT company, conducted a detailed analysis on the spread techniques & behavior of Agent Smith Virus.

The report said that Agent Smith infects devices by –

  • exploiting the known vulnerabilities in the Android OS
  • replacing the legit installed applications with a malicious version, without requiring user’s consent

The modus operandi of the Agent Smith will leave anyone confounded. The prime method of its propagation is through third-party app stores such as Typically, a stupendous number of Indian Android users use third-party app stores to download various gaming apps and its modified versions.

According to the reports, Agent Smith hides itself in photography & gaming apps present on the third-party app stores. The permissions given to these apps upon download are used by Agent Smith Virus. It installs & renames itself to exhibit its association with Google such as Google Themes, Google Powers & Google Updater.

This devious app has been named after Agent Smith, Hugo Weaving’s character in Matrix, who could replicate himself in the sci-fi action movie.

Agent Smith Virus has targeted around 15 million users in India, 300,000 in the United States & 137,000 in the United Kingdom. Other countries that have been impacted by Agent Smith include Australia, Pakistan & Bangladesh.

Recognize if your Device is infected & remove Agent Smith Virus

In case you are observing too many dubious & suspicious ads while using your phone, there are positives that your device has been impacted by Agent Smith Virus.

To remove this bogus application,

  • scan your phone with reliable anti-virus software such as Vipre
  • delete suspicious apps (Google Updater, Google Themes, Google Powers) from your phone, if any, by navigating Settings > App Page
  • delete popular apps such as Whatsapp & Flipkart & re-install them, or
  • opt for a factory reset

In order to secure your device, delete the following applications immediately if you have them installed on your device:

  • Ludo Master – New Ludo Game 2019 For Free
  • Sky Warriors
  • Bio Blast – Infinity Battle Shoot virus
  • Shooting Jet
  • Photo Projector
  • Gun Hero – Gunman Game for Free
  • Blockman Go: Free Realms & Mini Games
  • Crazy Juicer – Hot Knife Hit Game
  • Cooking Witch
  • Clash of Virus
  • Angry Virus
  • Rabbit Temple
  • Star Range

Please note that the capabilities of Agent Smith Virus to hide its icon & masquerade as any renowned already-installed app on the device denotes endless possibilities for this advertising malware to harm user’s device & sensitive data stored on it.

Android users must avoid downloading apps from third-party app stores; rather install apps from Official Android App Store only.

Virus Removal Guidelines