Skype update – Microsoft Announces the End of Skype Classic


End of Skype Classic on 1st September 2018

Skype technology is one of the most popular online inventions helping with communication of friends, family, and business for little or no cost that linked people and business over long distances. Invention of this telecommunication app has made long distances communication easier. Skype’s features have been proven important especially for businesses making it easier to communicate with clients and associates, sharing files with colleagues, sharing screen with business associates and much more.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype in October 2011 has seen many developments in this telecommunication application software since then. A recent up-gradation of Skype Classic (version 7.0) to Skype 8.0 however has not been appreciated by the users. As per the official announcement made, Skype classic will no longer work after 31st August 2018. Users however have already started to receive an automatic updates of Skype classic version to newer 8.0 version.

End of Skype Classic

Reasons speculated for this forced updation is to take user’s feedback to discover and detect bugs in the new version to achieve its smooth and stable functioning before discontinuing the use of classic version.

Despite of newly added amazing features in this new version like

  • HD Video
  • More Screen sharing Options
  • Media galleries
  • Call Recording
  • iPad Support
  • User friendly UI and many more
  • Ability to add reactions to messages
  • Uploading heavy files with the size of up to 300 MB
  • End-to-end encryptions of messages

Experts and users alike have complained of the missing features in Skype Version 8.0. These include:

  • Missing Live chat support feature of the skype
  • Lack of the ability to add contacts using phone numbers
  • Inability to split chats into separate windows etc

Though the attempt to upgrade the app version aimed to improve the service quality and ensure best possible Skype experience to the customers, the new version has not received positive feedback by the users who still prefer using older version, as it had all the features they need.

However, users are left with no choice as Microsoft is adamant about the change and has decided to shut down the older services and application version leaving no alternatives for the users. This is done to eliminate quality and reliability issues that may result with inter-operating old and new technology.

To express their distress users therefore have planned to switch to a different chat program after the classic version of Skype shuts down(end of Skype classic). This is however a moment’s fierce that will calm down once users will start using the new version that has amazing new features.

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