Privacy Intrusion by Android servers!

Ever Imagined how it feels if you are under continuous supervision? How does it feel to let others know about your whereabouts all the time? A serious privacy breach with your information getting gathered!


With the ease of technology enabling a large percentage of people to carry Smart phones, the OS developers have their own sweet unique method for continuous improvements! The Market Giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google are in a war to be the best. They have the strategic advantages with IOS, Windows and Android operating system increasing popularity.

These Smart phones have to be constantly updated to ensure the protection against threats! It has been observed in recent studies that Android Phones have frequent Server encounters as compared with IOS. Even when the phone is placed in the idle mode, Android phones seem to constantly upload information to the parent servers.

Let us try to understand about this collected information in a layman manner! Here are a few important examples of it:

1) Location

2) Displacement details

3) Route Information

4) Music files accessed

5) Video files accessed

6) Apps installed & used

7) Internet usage related information and many other things!

An experiment was conducted to derive the range of these fears! When left Idle for 24 hours, the Android phone established a connection server for a worrying 340 times! With the same conditions, the apple phone hardly made any such connection! Now comes the worst part! The users have absolutely no control over such data transfer connections!


On the other hand, the choice to reveal a user’s identity totally lies with these information-gathering servers! No wonder these servers could also parse through User’s personal information from the data shared! All these information could be shared with authentic third parties to show relevant advertisements in return!

Users expect the servers and apps to provide privacy-friendly options to ensure the safety of their information. Servers and apps on the other hand, offer users an illusion of control and hiding away the privacy-friendly choices.  By turning “on” the privacy button, users remain heedless of Privacy Intrusion by Android servers.

Apart from this, the default settings and ease of accessing the servers are privacy-intrusive in nature to fool the users. Such interfaces and designs confuse the users by presenting an architecture with complex privacy options with an tedious exercise of selection.

Servers tend to defy their integrity by penetrating user’s personal information and leaving them alarmed to question the safety of their personal data. One should be careful enough in selection!

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