Microsoft will continue Skype Classic Version after September 1


Finally, there are a few fresh rain drops for Skype classic Fans!

Microsoft has deferred the end of Skype Classic deadline based on customer feedback. The new timeline for the end of this customer appreciated version of Skype (Skype 7.0) has not been provided though.  until then users are allowed to stick to this old user friendly version of Skype.

Skype Classic Extended

The announcement made by Microsoft in July to end Skype 7.0 after September 1st 2018 was not taken in the right spirit by the users. Although this new version of Skype (Skype 8.0) offered a number of new features like:

  • Free HD videos
  • Drag and Drop file Sharing Feature
  • Ability to add reactions to messages
  • Call Recording
  • Media Galleries
  • More Screen Sharing Options and much more

The new features it offered were good  and many of the old features highly exercised by people were missing. Hence majority of people were appalled and took this matter to the community board to complain about the new version of Skype.

Reasons cited for rejection of this new version of Skype (Skype 8.0) are:

Skype Classic

  • People are used to the Interface (UI) of Skype Classic and hence show strong dislike to the new UI of Skype version 8.0.
  • They claim that this new version of Skype has minimal settings and removes the Compact View aka split view provision. Users found compact view useful as it allowed them to open Skype contacts list without the need to make the last message visible on the screen.
  • Users who were compelled to upgrade to the latest version of Skype also faced problems to retrieve the important chat history. Aas only last 30 days conversation got transferred to this latest build, The people were left with no choice but to consider the previous important conversations lost!

People alleged that fancy themes are not what they require. All they need is Skype to be usable.

In order to help Microsoft to incorporate and enhance the missing feature of Compact View aka Split View feature, find some time to take the survey and share your opinion.

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